Our Services

As a web design, marketing and communications firm, we offer a broad range of services within our area of specialty. Over ten years of experience in this medium has given us the knowledge and skills to make your internet venture a successful one from start to finish and beyond...

Consulting - Consulting is an extremely important area of focus. We like our clients to be as educated about the internet market as possible. This helps them make informed decisions and contributes greatly to a successful web-site.

Search Engine Optimization - If no one can find your web-site, how will it serve it's purpose. From meta data and content adjustments, to mark-up validation, to scheduled ranking reports and page tuning, we offer a variety of services to help our clients improve their ranking.

Web-Site Design & Re-Design - Some of our biggest success stories have come from the re-design of existing web-sites.

Maintenance - Maintenance and keeping a web-site's content fresh is always going to be a key factor for success. We have several options for this including giving the client the ability to maintain the site themselves.

Database Integration – Many successful web-sites feature interactive and/or dynamic content, and where this display of information is concerned this often means a database. Whether it's the creation of a database from scratch or interfacing with an existing one, we have a proven track record of delivering this capability for our clients.

Web Hosting - From the small brochure style site, to large e-commerce and administrative sites, we have an affordable hosting solution for you.


Technology must play a big role in web-design. Visual design is a very important factor, but without a thorough understanding of the underlying technology, the web-site may not function properly or could be missing many basic features that would make the site useful.

There are many choices as to which technologies should be used to make a web-site function, and careful thought must be given to the selection of these technologies. Some of the many options open to clients of J3 Inc. include: HTML/XHTML, CSS, Flash, PHP, ColdFusion, JavaScript, and MySQL.